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Crystal Galleries: Winner of Best Crystal Glass/Product Award

We are delighted to announce that visitors to the Team Roadshow 2024 voted @crystalGalleries winner of the Best Crystal Glass/Product Award. The product that received the most votes this year was the Wood and Optical Crystal Square Column Award.

Visitors were impressed by the wide and varied range and quality of Crystal Galleries' products, identifying the company as an industry leader in their field.

We would like to congratulate Crystal Galleries on this well-deserved award and look forward to seeing them at future TEAM Roadshows.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Crystal Galleries for sponsoring and supplying the TEAM Roadshow Awards, their support was invaluable. Last year Crystal Galleries also won Best New Innovation for their sustainable recycled wood options. This fantastic product was used as the Award for this year’s TEAM Roadshow.


Jeremy Lowes Crystal Galleries

and Tracey Glover and Sue Francis from TEAM Roadshow.

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