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Meet the Team at U-Marq

After the extended period where exhibitions were not possible U-Marq are looking forward to attending the Team Roadshow and will be exhibiting their full range of versatile engraving machines.

Director Mark Chadwick says, "Team Roadshow will provide a great platform for us all to take a step closer to rebuilding essential relationships across the industry.”

Meet the team at U-Marq and many other wholesalers at TEAM Roadshow on ✨ Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th January 2023 ✨ at Walsall Football Club.

Register now;

🏆 Strictly Trade Only, B2B Event 🏆

🏆 Free Entry 🏆

🏆 Free Parking 🏆

🏆 Free Refreshments 🏆

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