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Nova Chrome: Winner of Best New Product/Service Award at TEAM Roadshow 2024

Nova Chrome UK were worthy winners of the Best New Product/Service Award at this year’s TEAM Roadshow UK for their DTF Elite Printer.

The DTF process bridges the gap between many traditional processes, offering easy production of transfers with no weeding or production of masks but delivering long-lasting results that stretch and wash in a way that compares to screen printing or sublimation.

Nova Chrome’s solution offers a compelling package: low startup costs, a compact desktop form factor, and the flexibility to produce one-off and short-run DTF transfers. The Elite DTF system is available to order now, along with a range of accessories, including the firm’s existing range of sublimation and laser engraving equipment, blanks, and consumable items.

Ryan Connolly said,

"It was great to win this award because it validates the DTF Elite Printer in the market. This achievement not only recognises our commitment to excellence but also motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation in the industry. We are grateful for this award and excited about the continued success and impact of the DTF Elite Printer and the TEAM Roadshow."

Picture: Ryan Connolly and Ian McDowall from Nova Chrome

and Tracey Glover & Sue Francis from TEAM Roadshow.

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